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Adding Graphics

A few people have asked  about adding pictures to their posts - now you cannot upload a picture to the site and add it to your post. All pictures on the Forum are stored off site and only links are allowed. You will see at the top of this subject box a small picture graphic ( next to the avatar ) Click on the picture icon and it will open a dialogue screen Like this:



So find a picture you want and right click on it and copy the image source. In the source box paste in the copied web address - which should look something like this:

Press OK and it will then end up looking like this:


ok... The Graphic above is hosted on giphy.

Remember some images are copyrighted - use only public domain images or images hosted on sites like Giphy - any copyrighted images will be removed.

Now what if you have a picture you took yourself and is not hosted on a website? That is for the next topic in the forum...

Posting your own pictures...

First take or create a photo / graphic . Save as jpg or png. Then open an account at a photo hosting site. In this example we will be using Dropbox. Dropbox is a free picture hosting site and the images can be fairly easily extracted from the Dropbox interface. G**gle is not so easy...

Upload your picture to Dropbox. Hover your mouse over the picture and a button will appear to the right - click on the 'Share' button. A dialogue screen will open and to the bottom it will say share a link instead. Click on the 'share link' button them press 'create link' -  and a link will be created then click on 'copy link' in blue and it will copy the link to your clipboard.

The link will look a bit like this :

Unfortunately the link, as it is, will take you to the Dropbox container - this is no good. You have to change the end section before pressing the OK button... So instead of being 'picture.jpg?dl=0' it has to read 'picture.jpg?raw=1' - so that 'raw=1' comes straight after the question mark - like this:

Insert the whole address with the '?raw=1' link into the 'Source' box and press ok:

Like so :

All done.. Picture of Andromeda courtesy of jpl - NASA.. Thank You.

Hang on you said it was all easy... Which bit is easy?

Put it this way - It's a damn site more easy than G**gle OK.

This is a good as it gets...